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COSPAR-18-PSW.1: Metrics and Validation Needs for Space Weather Models and Services

At the present time, within the space weather community, prototype services frequently operate as capability demonstrators and a full verification of their ability to reproduce/predict elements of the space environment under a range of space weather conditions, from the moderate to the extreme, has yet to be completed. Model accuracy is being addressed by numerous international activities, but as yet a community-wide consensus on how to address accuracy and suitability for transition to operations for the wide range of models and domains involved has not been reached.

This event encourages dialogue between modellers, application developers and service providers in order to review the state of model and service validation activities, to build upon successes, to identify challenges, and to develop a strategy for continuous assessment of space weather predictive capabilities and tracing the improvement over time, as recommended in the COSPAR Space Weather Roadmap. We discuss space weather verification & validation needs for the current generation of activities under development and in planning globally, together with perspectives for modellers and scientific community to further participate in the space weather endeavour.

This event includes a discussion time slot, during which inputs and recommendations can be collected for the PSW.5 event on "Space Weather Initiatives and Coordinated International Efforts to implement COSPAR-ILWS Roadmap Recommendations". We encourage presenters to address these issues in their contributions.

2 half-day sessions


Main Scientific Organizer
Alexi Glover
European Space Agency (and Rhea System)
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D-64293 Darmstadt
Tel: 496151902262

Deputy Organizer
Maria Kuznetsova
NASA Goddard Space Flight Center/Heliophysics Science Division
NASA GSFC Code 674 Bld. 21, RM 261
20771 Greenbelt
United States
Tel: 13012869571
Fax: 13012861648

Terrance Onsager
NOAA Space Weather Prediction Center
325 Broadway
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United States
Tel: 303-497-5713

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