Last Updated: 04/23/2024


April 2024

The Multiscale Atmosphere Geospace Environment (MAGE) model suite version 0.75 is now available to the community through the CCMC Runs-On-Request (ROR) service via this submission interface.

The MAGE model in a comprehensive geospace modeling framework that includes the coupled GAMERA magnetosphere, RCM ring current and ReMIX ionosphere electrostatics solver. The scientific goals of the model include studying the solar impact on the Earth’s magnetosphere, ring current and ionosphere describing regions of vastly different scales with their own set of physical equations of magnetohydrodynamics, drift kinetics and electrodynamics.

MAGE is the successor model to the Coupled Magnetosphere Ionosphere Thermosphere (CMIT) model with LFM as the magnetosphere component. MAGE/GAMERA is currently available at quad resolution which is comparable to the quad resolution grid of the CMIT model. The maximum request length is 168 hours (1 week) for ‘quad’.


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