CREME Programs 1996

Author: J. H. Adams, Jr.
Naval Research Laboratory, Code 7654
Washington, D.C. 20375

Parameter: Differential and integral energy and LET spectra of cosmic rays; single event upset (SEU) rates

Brief Description:
The Cosmic Ray Effects on Microelectronics (CREME) software package allows a spacecraft designer or operator to estimate error rates arising from cosmic ray bombardment of satellite microelectronics. Program functions include calculation of (1) differential and integral cosmic ray flux (for any element) vs. particle energy or vs. linear energy transfer (LET), (2) geomagnetic shielding for a given orbit using the tabulation of geomagnetic cutoff values by Shea and Smart (1975) as described by Adams et al. (1983), (3) ordinary and worst-case solar flare proton fluxes, and (4) single event upset rates for microelectronics in the orbiting satellite. More information about recent updates and future plans can be found at the CREME homepage.

Availability: The 1996 beta version of CREME can be accessed at the CREME homepage. The 1986 version is available on tape from the National Geophysical Data Center, E/GC2, 325 Broadway, Boulder, Colorado 80303, (303) 497-6346 ($90)

M. E. Shea and D. F. Smart, Tables of Asymptotic Directions and Vertical Cutoff Rigidities for a Five Degree by Fifteen Degree World Grid as Calculated Using the International Geomagnetic Reference Field for Epoch 1975.0, Air Force Geophysics Laboratory, Report AFCRL-TR-75-0185, Hanscom AFB, Massachusetts, 1975. (AD-A012509)

J. H. Adams, R. Silberberg, and C. H. Tsao, Cosmic Ray Effects on Microelectronics, Part I: The Near-Earth Particle Environment, Navy Research Laboratory, NRL Memorandum Report 4506, Washington, D.C., 1981. (AD-A103897)

J. H. Adams, J. R. Letaw, and D. F. Smart, Cosmic Ray Effects on Microelectronics, Part II: The Geomagnetic Cutoff Effects, NRL Memorandum Report 5099, Washington, D.C., 1983. (AD-A128601)

C. H. Tsao, R. Silberberg, J. H. Adams, and J. R. Letaw, Cosmic Ray Effects on Microelectronics, Part III: Propagation of Cosmic Rays in the Atmosphere, NRL Memorandum Report 5402, Washington, D.C., 1984. (AD-A145026)

J. H. Adams, Cosmic Ray Effects on Microelectronics, Part IV, NRL Memorandum Report 5901, Washington, D.C., 1986.

A.J. Tylka, J.H. Adams, Jr.,P.R. Boberg, B. Brownstein, W.F. Dietrich, E.O. Flueckiger, E.L. Petersen, M.A. Shea, D.F. Smart, and E.C. Smith, CREME96: A Revision of the Cosmic Ray Effects on Micro-Electronics Code, IEEE Trans. Nucl. Sci. 44, 2150-2160, 1997.

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