Authors: X. Huang, B. Reinisch
Center for Atmospheric Research
University of Massachusetts Lowell
600 Suffolk Street
Lowell, MA 01854

Parameter: Electron density in the plasmasphere

Brief Description:
This model was developed based on data from the Radio Plasma Imager (RPI) on the IMAGE spacecraft. Since the launch of IMAGE in March 2000, RPI has continuously recorded plasmasphere soundings. The electron density profile inverted from a single such plasmagram gives the density distribution along a considerable portion of the magnetic field line. Based on many of such field-line profiles Huang et al. (2004) have constructed a model that varies with L-value and latitude.

Availability: Please contact model authors.

Xueqin Huang, Bodo W. Reinisch, Paul Song, James L. Green, Dennis L. Gallagher, Developing an empirical density model of the plasmasphere using IMAGE/RPI observations, Advances in Space Research 33, 829 - 832, 2004

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