Global Core Plasma Model

Authors: D.L. Gallagher, P.D. Craven, R.H. Comfort
Alabama 35812

Parameter: Electron density and ion composition in the plasmasphere

Brief Description:
The global core plasma model (GCPM) provides empirically derived cora plasma density and ion composition (H+, He+, and O+) as a function of geomagnetic and solar conditions throughout the inner magnetosphere. The model is based on data from DE/RIMS, DE/PWI, and ISEE/PWI and merges with the International Reference Ionosphere (IRI) at low altitudes. It is composed of separate models for the plasmasphere, plasmapause, trough, and polar cap.

Availability: Fortran model code is available from model authors.

Link: Global Core Plasma Model website

D.L. Gallagher, P.D. Craven, and R.H. Comfort, Global core plasma model, J. Geophys. Res. 105, A8, 18 819 - 18 833, 2000

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