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Equatorial-Neutral Sheet Model

Ronglan Xu and Lei Li
Center for Space Sci. and Applied Res.
Chinese Academy of Science
PO Box 8701, Beijing 100080, China

Parameter: Neutral Sheet Configuration

Availability: Source code can be retrieved directly from CCMC's anonymous FTP site.
Brief Description:

The average configuration of the geomagnetotail has been deduced from numerousspacecrafts measurements. These lobes are separated by the neutral sheet. Theposition of the neutral sheet varies with time, and can only be definitelyknown at the instant a spacecraft traverses the reversal region of the magneticfield. Numerous studies (Fairfield 1980 and references there in) have shownthat the annual and diurnal changes of the tilt angle between the earth-sunline and the subsolar point induce significant movements of the neutral sheetaway from the solar magnetospheric XY plane.

According to the previous neutral sheet models, there remains a varyingdiscontinuous region between neutral sheet and the equatorial plane of thetilted geomagnetic dipole field. A Standard Equatorial-Neutral sheet (SEN)model (Xu, 1992), a Displaced Equatorial-Neutral sheet (DEN) model (Xu, 1991)and an Analytical Equatorial-Neutral sheet (AEN) model (Xu et al., 1993,Zhu and Xu, 1994 and Wang and Xu, 1994) inside the magnetopause (Sibeck et al.,1991) are developed.

In these three Equatorial-Neutral Sheet models the tilted equatorial planejoints smoothly to the neutral sheet, so that they can be used in the wholemagnetosphere regions, including in the near tail region. The SEN and DENmodels contain of 3 different complicate equations. The AEN model is expressedby one simple equation and remain approximately the general characteristic ofthe DEN Model. Based on the AEN model, a normal curve coordinate system is setup, in which the AEN sheet becomes one of the coordinate surface. This coordinate system will change with the Earth's tilt angle,and thus can almostoffset the titled effect on the pattern of the geomagnetic field on theMagnetotail (Zhu and XU, 1994).

This packege contains the FORTRAN 77 source codes (*.FOR) of SEN, DEN and AEN. They compute the position of SEN (DEN or AEN) sheet along Zsm, at a given point Xsm and Ysm inside the magnetopause at different dates and times.

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