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ESA-SEE OZ e Model Programs 1997

A. Vampola
P.O.Box 10225
Torrance, CA 90505

Parameter: Omnidirectional, integral (or differential) electron or proton fluxes in Earth's radiation belt
Availability: From the model author
Brief Description:

This software package is available on floppy disk and includes a readme files and the DOS executables. The source code is not provided. The following programs are included:
- MEAMAX provides the maximum unidirectional differential equatorial electron flux to be expected in the magnetosphere (input parameters are L and energy).
- MEAPROB provides the 90%, 50%, 10%, 1% and 0.1% probability log(flux) for 3 < L < 8, 150 keV < E < 1500 keV. The Jperp, omnidirectional, and integral omnidirectional values are given. Data are derived from the CRRES MEA data.
- MEAINTEG provides the average flux ( uni, omni, uni-integral, omni- integral) at the equator for 3 < L < 8 and 100 < E < 7000 keV. Data are CRRES MEA mission averages.
- SEE uses the trained neural networks from the ESA AE8 Update study to predict log(flux) at 6 L values and 5 energies. The inputs are daily-sum Kp.
- RADMODLS uses the old ORB and ORP programs from NSSDC to calculate orbits and to access the NSSDC particle maps. SHIELDOSE is integrated with the ORB and ORP so that doses can be calculated in a single run. Trapped particle flux maps furnished with the software are AE4, AE5, AE6, AEI7, AE8, AP8, and two new models: (a) A low energy (80 < Ep < 3200 keV) proton map good for all inclinations and all altitudes up to 8000 km; (b) The ESA-SEE1 model, which is an update to AE8. This version lets the user specify an epoch for the magnetic field model other than the one that was hard-wired into ORB.
- ESA-SEE1 is a FORTRAN BLOCK DATA program containing the coefficients for the ESA-SEE1 electron model. It is a "drop-in" for AE8MIN for any program that uses the AEMIN.DAT BLOCK DATA program.
- MAXINT is similar to MEAMAX except that it provides the integral flux instead of the differential flux.

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