MODEL Program 1983

Author: C. K. Chen
Greenbelt, Maryland 20771

Parameter: Differential or integral, omnidirectional electron and proton fluxes in Earth's radiation belt

Brief Description:
The program MODEL calculates the integral or differential fluxes of trapped electrons or protons in Earth's radiation belt by interpolating in one of the AE/AP trapped particle flux maps. The program expects an array of energies, L-values, and B/Bo (magnetic field strength normalized to its equatorial [minimum] value on the field line) values and produces tables of fluxes for these conditions. The specific flux map should be added as BLOCKDATA statement at the end of the program. Fluxes are obtained by first applying a two-dimensional interpolation procedure to the logarithmic fluxes in L x B/Bo space and by then interpolating linearly with energy. Maps available in the BLOCK DATA format include AE-5, AE-6, AE-8, and AP-8.

M. J. Teague and J. I. Vette, The Use of the Inner Zone Electron Model AE-5 and Associated Computer Programs, NSSDC 72-11, Greenbelt, Maryland, 1972.

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