MGST (4/81) Model Coefficients 1981

Author: R. A. Langel
NASA/GSFC, Code 921
Greenbelt, Maryland 20771

Parameter: Earth's main magnetic field strength and vector

Brief Description:
This data set contains the 258 coefficients of the MGST (4/81) spherical harmonics model of the Earth's main (core) magnetic field. The coefficients are for epoch 1980.0 and extend to degree and order 13 in the constant terms and 7 in the first derivative terms. This unpublished model is based on 15 days of MAGSAT data. Using the model for periods other than the actual MAGSAT flight period (1979-1980) is not recommended.

Availability: (1) Retrievable from CCMC's anonymous FTP site.

R. A. Langel, J. Berbert, T. Jennings, and R. Horner, MAGSAT Data Processing: A Report for Investigators, pp. 45, 105, 106, NASA TM-82160, Washington, D.C., 1981.

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