FLOUT Transformation 1971

Author: D. M. Sawyer
NASA/GSFC, Code 633
Greenbelt, Maryland 20771

Parameter: Converts omnidirectional fluxes to unidirectional fluxes or vice versa

Brief Description:
The Flux Omni Uni Transformations (FLOUT) program integrates over a set of unidirectional flux data to obtain omnidirectional flux, or, alternatively, differentiates omnidirectional flux data to obtain unidirectional flux. The input data is an array of flux values (either omni- or unidirectional) as a function of either magnetic field strength or the cosine of the equatorial pitch angle. A complete set of points is required spanning the region along the field line from the point of interest to the atmospheric cutoff.

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D. M. Sawyer, Program (FLOUT), KMS Technology Center, Special Report, 1971. * Go to the Model Web Models home page