WBMOD Ionospheric Scintillation Model

Authors: E. J. Fremouw, J. A. Secan
Northwest Research Associates, Inc.
14508 NE 20th St
Bellevue, WA 98007

Parameter: Ionospheric scintillation effects

Brief Description:
This program provides estimates of the effects of ionospheric scintillation on the transionospheric radio channel for frequencies above 100 MHz. It is based on a climatology of F-region electron-density irregularities that cause scintillation (Secan et al. 1995, 1997) and a power-law, phase-screen propagation model (Rino, 1979). The model is global, and includes variations with solar cycle, season, geomagnetic disturbance levels, and local time.
Further information can be found at the WBMOD model WWW site.

Availability: Contact authors for release information.

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