Penn State Mk III Model 1985

Authors: J. S. Nisbet, R. Divany
Communications and Space Sciences Laboratory
316 Electrical Engineering East
The Pennsylvania State University
University Park, Pennsylvania 16802

Parameter: Ionospheric electron density and content

Brief Description:
The Penn State Mk III model produces (1) tables of ionospheric electron densities from 120 km to 1250 km, (2) the ionospheric electron content, and (3) statistical properties of sporadic E occurrence. Two modes of operation are available. One generates two to 24 profiles throughout a day at one location, and the other generates a set of profiles at a range of locations at one universal time. The model combines theoretical computations with empirical models for the F-peak parameters. Mk III is an updated version of the earlier models developed at the Pennsylvania State University by Nisbet (1971) and Lee (1985). It uses the MSIS-83 atmospheric model, solar fluxes measured by the AE-E satellite (Hinteregger and Fukui, 1981), reaction rates from Torr et al. (1979), and the semi-empirical maps for the F-peak parameters developed by Rush et al. (1984). Meanwhile, most of these parameter models have been updated (e.g., see URSI foF2 Model Maps, and the MSIS Model), and these updates should be incorporated into the model code.

Availability: From the authors on one diskette for use on PCs equipped with math co-processor

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