Author: R. B. Rose
Naval Ocean Systems Center
San Diego, California 92152

Parameter: Maximal usable frequency for HF radio communication

Brief Description:
This is a simplified prediction program for the maximal usable frequency (MUF) along an HF propagation path. The closer to MUF one operates, the more efficient the communications channel becomes. The model is based on a large number of oblique ionograms from a wide variety of sounding paths. Given the date, transmitter and receiver locations, and the solar flux index or sunspot number, hourly MUF values can be obtained.

- From the National Technical Information Service, search for MINIMUF or QSTMUF
- QSTMUF executable from the National Geophysical Data Center (
- NTIA/ITS site for HF propagation models
- IPS site for HF prediction tools

R. B. Rose, J. N. Martin, and P. H. Levine, MINIMUF-3: A Simplified HF MUF Prediction Algorithm, Naval Ocean Systems Center, Report 186, San Diego, California, 1978.

R. B. Rose, MINIMUF: A Simplified MUF Prediction Program for Microcomputers, QST 66(12), 36, 1982.

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