St. Santin Ion Drift Model 1979

Authors: M. Blanc, P. Amayenc
L'Environment Terrestre et Planetaire
4 Avenue de Neptune
94107 Saint Maur Cedex

Parameter: Ion drift at 300 km (perpendicular to geomagnetic field)

Brief Description:
The model describes the diurnal and seasonal variation of the F-region electric-field-induced plasma drift as measured by the St. Santin (44 N, 2 E) incoherent scatter radar. It was established on the basis of three years (1973-1975) of measurements during magnetically quiet periods. The ion velocity perpendicular to the geomagnetic field is represented by a simple harmonic function in local time with nine coefficients per season.

M. Blanc and P. Amayenc, Seasonal Variations of the Ionospheric ExB Drifts Above Saint Santin on Quiet Days, J. Geophys. Res. 84, 2691, 1979.

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