Heppner-Maynard-Rich Electric Field Model 1990

Authors: J. P. Heppner, N. C. Maynard, F. J. Rich
Space Physics Division
Air Force Geophysics Laboratory
Hanscom AFB
Bedford, Massachusetts 01731
E-mail: rich@plh.af.mil

Parameter: High-latitude electric potential and field, Pedersen and Hall conductances, field aligned currents, and Joule heating

Brief Description:
This software package includes several electric convection field models, and the AFGL Precipitation and Conductivity Model; the latter for obtaining conductances, currents, and heating. The Heppner-Maynard models are based on OGO 6 (Polar-Orbiting Geophysical Observatory 6) and DE 2 (Dynamics Explorer 2) electric field measurements and provide the electric potential and field poleward of 60 geomagnetic latitude. Seven different models were generated for different Interplanetary Magnetic Field (IMF) conditions. Spherical harmonics to order 11 in magnetic local time and latitude are used in each case. For southward IMF, an explicit variability with geomagnetic activity is included. The Heelis Electric Convection Field Model is included in this package for comparative purposes. Rich and Maynard (1989) illustrate the improvements of their model in relation to the Heelis model and point out the differences to Foster et al. (1986) (cf. the Millstone Hill Electric Field Model) in the region of the Harang discontinuity and near the dayside cleft.

Availability: FORTRAN code as provided by the model authors can be retrieved from the ionospheric/convection_Efield/HMR directory of CCMC's anonymous FTP site.

J. P. Heppner, Empirical Models of High-Latitude Electric Fields, J. Geophys. Res. 82, 1115, 1977.

J. P. Heppner and N. C. Maynard, Empirical High-Latitude Electric Field Models, J. Geophys. Res. 92, 4467, 1987.

F. J. Rich and N. C. Maynard, Consequences of Using Simple Analytical Functions for the High- Latitude Convection Electric Field, J. Geophys. Res. 94, 3687, 1989.

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