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FAIM Model 1989

D. N. Anderson, Air Force Geophysics Laboratory, Hanscom AFB, Massachusetts 01731

Boston University, Department of Astronomy

Parameter: Electron density
Availability: FORTRAN code may be available from the (see model authors)
Brief Description:

The Fully Analytical Ionospheric Model (FAIM) uses the formalism of the Chiu model with coefficients fitted to the SLIM model profiles. The local time variation is expressed by a Fourier series up to order 6 and the variation with dip latitude by a fourth order harmonic oscillator function (Hermite polynomial).

D. N. Anderson, J. M. Forbes, and M. Codrescu, A Fully Analytical, Low- and Middle-Latitude Ionospheric Model, J. Geophys. Res. 94, 1520, 1989.
J. M. Forbes, N. N. Anderson, M. Codrescu, and P. P. Batista, An Analytical/Empirical Model of the Middle and Low Latitude Ionosphere, Air Force Geophysics Laboratory, Report GL-TR-89- 0096, Hanscom AFB, Massachusetts, 1989.

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