AEROS Electron Temperature Model 1979

Author: K. Spenner
Institute für Physikalische Messtechnik
Heidenhofstr. 8
7800 Freiburg
Federal Republic of Germany

Parameter: Global electron temperature between 300 km and 700 km

Brief Description:
This model provides the global electron temperature between 300 km and 700 km altitude for two local times (3 a.m. and 3 p.m.). It is based on data collected by the AEROS retarding potential analyzer through the first 100 days in 1973. Spherical harmonics up to degree and order 3 are used to describe the electron temperature as a function of geomagnetic latitude and longitude. Altitude variations are represented by a power series of degree 3. Two sets of the 36 coefficients each are listed, one for 3 p.m. and one for 3 a.m..

Availability: ALGOL code may be available from the authors.

K. Spenner and R. Plugge, Empirical Model of Global Electron Temperature Distribution Between 300 and 700 km Based on Data from AEROS-A, J. Geophys. 46, 43, 1979.

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