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AFGL Ion Precipitation Model 1989

D. A. Hardy, M. S. Gussenhoven, D.Brautigam
Air Force Geophysics Laboratory
Hanscom AFB, Massachusetts 01731

Parameter: Integral energy flux, number flux, and average energy of precipitating auroral ions (30 eV to 30 keV)
Availability: FORTRAN code may be available from the authors (see Heppner-Maynard-Rich Electric Field Model)
Brief Description:

This model provides the integral energy and number flux and the average energy of precipitating auroral ions as a function of corrected geomagnetic latitude (CGL), magnetic local time (MLT), and magnetic activity (Kp). About 26.5 million individual 1-s spectra from the SSJ/4 detectors on the DMSP F6, and F7 satellites were sampled into 30 CGL bins (50 to 90) and into 48 half-hour bins for seven levels of magnetic activity Kp = 0 to 6). The paper presents (1) plots of average spectra, (2) histograms of average integral energy/number flux and average energy as a function of CGL along the noon-midnight and dawn-dusk meridians, and (3) color-coded polar spectrograms of the same quantities in a MLT-CGL coordinate system.

D. A. Hardy, M. S. Gussenhoven, and D. Brautigam, A Statistical Model of Auroral Ion Precipitation, J. Geophys. Res. 94, 370, 1989.

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