Atmospheric Handbook 1984

National Geophysical Data Center
325 Broadway
Boulder, Colorado 80303
(303) 497-6136

Parameter: Atmospheric parameters for scattering, radiation, and emission calculations

Brief Description:
This data set was compiled by V. E. Derr and is available in hard copy and on magnetic tape. The parameters were collected over many years in response to requests by researchers for atmospheric electromagnetic wave propagation. Data presented include attenuation coefficients for the atmosphere and H2O; 1962 Standard Atmospheres; cloud drop size distributions for water and ice spheres; solar spectral irradiance; sky spectral radiance; Rayleigh coefficients for air; refractive indices for air, ice, liquid H2O, and various atmospheric aerosols; and relative reflectance for ice and H2O.

Availability: From NGDC via anonymous ftp.

V. E. Derr, Atmospheric Handbook: Atmospheric Data Tables Available on Computer Tape, World Data Center A for Solar-Terrestrial Physics, Report UAG-89, Boulder, Colorado, 1984.

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