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Non-Linear Force Free coronal magnetic field model

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Model Developer(s)
T. Tadesse, T. Wiegelmann
MaxPlanck Lindau

Model Description
NLFF is a Non-Linear Force Free coronal magnetic field model. It takes photospheric vector magnetograms as input. The code solves the non-linear force free field equations using an optimization procedure that minimizes a volume integral constructed from the force free equation, the solenoidal condition and a surface integral that forces the solution to stay close to the input magnetogram data. The code design is described in Wiegelmann(2007, Solar Phys., volume 240, page 227), and Tadesse et al.(2015, Solar Phys., volume 290, page 1159).

Versions of the code will be available which work with a limited field of view(FOV) in either Cartesian geometry for the smallest FOVs, or spherical geometry for larger FOV and global simulations.

The code returns the 3D magnetic field on a structured grid.

The CCMC is currently working with the SDO JSOC to provide a web page from which magnetograms in the correct format can be downloaded for the time window of the users choice. Runs On Request for NLFF model will become available once the web page for magnetogram download is available.

References and relevant publications

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