Last Updated: 07/15/2024


Version: 20180525

The SWMF is a software framework that allows integration of various models into a coherent system. The SWMF allows running and coupling any meaningful subset of the models together. The main applications of the SWMF are related to space physics and space weather, but it can be, and has been, used for other applications that the models allow.

Ionospheric Electrodynamics (IE) = Ridley_serial The magnetospheric MHD part is attached to an ionospheric potential solver that provides electric potentials and conductances in the ionosphere from magnetospheric field-aligned currents.


This is the version used in the SWMF 2018 as Ionospheric Electrodynamics (IE) component, Ridley_serial version 1.10


General SWMF inputs include setting the number of processors and their allocation to the included models. The date and time to simulate and the length of the run are also necessary.

In addition, an input file with a large number of code options is read in.


Outputs from IE include code restart files and plot files with a wide variety of magnetospheric plasma parameters, such as electric potential PHI, and Hall and Pedersen conductances Sigma_H, Sigma_P.

Model is time-dependent.


  • High Latitude Ionosphere / Auroral Region

Space Weather Impacts

  • Ionosphere variability (navigation, communications)


Code Languages: Fortran 90


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