Last Updated: 12/08/2023


Version: v.1.0

A visualization tool to aid modelers in examining the pre-event particle and plasma conditions at multiple 1 AU observers. The user decides on a mission and time frame of interest and, by examining the initial plots, determines a valid pre-event time window. The user can then produce a visualization of the observed and best-fitted energy spectrum during said time window that can be used as input to their model.


Start and stop time for any time frame after 1998, flare info (optional), mission (ACE, Wind, STA and STB), element (H, He, O, Fe)


Particle, plasma, and magnetic field plots from each of the missions and their respective instruments for the duration of the input time frame (GOES XRAY and energetic particle data always appears). The locations of the different 1 AU missions with respect to the flare are also shown. After inspecting the plots, the user then decides on a valid pre-flare start and stop time for the appropriate missions. After inputting the pre-event time window, desired mission, fit type (roll-over spectra or power law), and desired suprathermal energies, the user will receive a second output - the energy spectrum for each desired mission during the period of interest. This pre-event spectrum can be used as a seed particle proxy, scaled by a proper radial power law (TBD / user-defined).


  • Heliosphere / Inner Heliosphere

Space Weather Impacts

  • Solar energetic particles - SEPs (human exploration, aviation safety, aerospace assets functionality)


Code Languages: Python


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