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Version: 1

The MAGE model is a coupling of component models to create a holistic simulation of the geospace system. MAGE is being developed by the NASA DRIVE Science Center for Geospace Storms (CGS). More details about each of the components can be found at

For the magnetosphere, MAGE uses the GAMERA (Grid Agnostic MHD for Extended Research Applications) as the solver for the MHD equations. GAMERA utilizes a finite volume method with high-order spatial reconstruction on curvilinear non-orthogonal grids. To maintain divergence-free magnetic fields, GAMERA uses the constrained transport method.

For the inner magnetosphere component, MAGE uses the RCM (Rice Convection Model). The RCM solves a set of multi-fluid equations, whereby particle populations with different energy invariants are advected independently, to model the bounce averaged-drift kinetic motion of plasma in the inner magnetosphere and its interactions with the ionosphere.

For the high latitude electrodynamic calculation this version of MAGE uses the REdeveloped Magnetosphere-Ionosphere Coupler Solver (REMIX) model. REMIX solves the current continuity equation to calculate the ionospheric electrostatic potential driven by field-aligned currents. Ionospheric conductance is calculated by combining contributions from solar ionization and energetic particle precipitation from the magnetosphere.


GAMERA: Solar Wind Input file in HDF5 format containing: MHD state variables - density, velocity, temperature, and magnetic field vector Date and Time SymH Kp Dipole tilt angle F10.7 solar flux

Grid point location file in HDF5 format containing: The X,Y,Z locations of cell corners in SM coordinates

Run parameter file in XML format containing: End time for simulation Values for numerical parameters Coupling parameters

RCM: Same solar wind file as GAMERA component: Date and time SymH Kp


Gamera outputs HDF5 files containing grid location, density, pressure, velocity vector, magnetic field vector and current vector.

RCM outputs an HDF5 file containing the time history of the full distribution for all three species, the electric and magnetic fields as well as auroral particle precipitation.

REMIX outputs an HDF5 file containing the locations of the polar cap grid points, electric potential, field aligned currents, Hall and Pedersen conductance, auroral particle energy and number flux.

Model is time-dependent.


  • Geospace
  • Magnetosphere / Global Magnetosphere
  • Magnetosphere / Inner Magnetosphere / RingCurrent
  • High Latitude Ionosphere / Auroral Region

Space Weather Impacts

  • Geomagnetically induced currents - GICs (electric power systems)
  • Ionosphere variability (navigation, communications)
  • Near-earth radiation and plasma environment (aerospace assets functionality)



Code Languages: Fortran 2003/2008 with elements of Fortran 2018


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