Last Updated: 11/28/2023

Li Radiation Belt Prediction Model

Version: 3.0

The model is based on the standard radial diffusion equation where diffusion coefficients are parameterized by solar wind measurements. The radial diffusion equation is solved after making the diffusion coefficient a function of the solar wind velocity and interplanetary magnetic field with appropriate boundary conditions. The solar wind velocity is the most important parameter in the variation of relativistic electron fluxes at geostationary orbit. The model is described in [Li, 2004] and [Li et al., 2001].


  1. Real-time solar wind data from DSCOVR (B, V, density).
  2. Real-time GOES 2.0 MeV electrons. Whenever it runs, the model adds the most recent real-time data to its input files, and runs from the beginning (1995/001). It can output a forecast for any time range from 1995 to present, but by default outputs the most recent month.


The model output energetic electron flux forecast for any time range from 1995 to present, but by default it outputs the most recent month.

Model is time-dependent.


  • Geospace
  • Magnetosphere / Inner Magnetosphere / RadiationBelt

Space Weather Impacts

  • Near-earth radiation and plasma environment (aerospace assets functionality)



Code Languages: IDL


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