Last Updated: 11/28/2023


Version: 2016-02-02

Post-processing utility to calculate changes of magnetic topology in the day side magnetosphere.

The outputs includes separator surfaces and lines and magnetic nulls, all of which determine where magnetic reconnection can occur.

Visualization is done in HTML5 using the Plotly library in Python ( and miniconda environment "separatrix_visualization" developed by Asher Pembroke)


Model calculated topology for 3D output snapshots from another model's run. Runs in parallel on 60 processors but may still take hours to process a single magnetosphere configuration.


Glocer-RECONX sample output diagram


Three-dimensional magnetosphere solution: SWMF: 3d__var_1_e20150317-010900-000.out,, 3d__var_1_e20150317-010900-000.tree OpenGGCM, LFM, GUMICS (SWMF without *.tree files): interpolated N, B_x, B_y, and B_z data in dayside magnetosphere/ Tecplot output format.


Set of outputs: 3d__var_1_e20150317-010800-000.out_NegNulls.dat 3d__var_1_e20150317-010800-000.out_PlusNulls.dat 3d__var_1_e20150317-010800-000.out_Separator.dat 3d__var_1_e20150317-010800-000.out_Separator_Plane_Y.dat 3d__var_1_e20150317-010800-000.out_Surface1.dat 3d__var_1_e20150317-010800-000.out_Surface2.dat Negative nulls, positive nulls (depending on eigenvalues of matrix of derivatives), Separator (intersection of surfaces separating different topologies) and Surface lists. (Surfaces between closed and open and open and solar wind/IMF topology).

All output files are ASCII files formatted for TecPlot:

Example file with one position:

[RECONX_Glocer_output]$ cat 3d__var_1_e20150317-010900-000.out_NegNulls.dat VARIABLES = "X", "Y", "Z" Zone I= 1, J= 1, DATAPACKING=POINT 1.2500000000E+00 -2.5000000000E-01 -1.1750000000E+01

Change Log

2016/03/02: Model was modified to use fewer longitude and latitude positions to determine surfaces in order to limit execution time.


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Code Languages: Fortran and C++


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