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New Horizons Mission Support
Community-wide effort to provide solar wind modeling support for the New Horizons Flyby:
"New Horizons Flyby Modeling Challenge"

This site presents initial results from computer simulations of the near Pluto Solar wind environment for the time period of the New Horizons Spacecraft flyby. Results are presented from models that range from a simpler 1D gasdynamic approximation, a 2D magnetohydrodynamic(MHD) simulation that includes passage of nearly 120 interplanetary coronal mass ejections, and 3D multi-fluid and 3D multiscale Fluid-Kinetic MHD models. Click on the caption in the slider for detailed results from and information about each model.

Project facilitator: Peter MacNeice. Please contact Peter MacNeice or Leila Mays if you would like to join the challenge.

Modeling Results for the New Horizons Flyby Modeling Challenge

3D New Horizons ENLIL Simulations from the CCMC Runs-on-Request-Database:
Event DateRun NumberKey WordsModel TypeModel Model Version Carrington Rotation StartCarrington Rotation EndStart DateEnd Date
Modeled Run Leila_Mays_111215_SH_1 New Horizons reg5med2 donkiv500w25 v3 20150201-20150431HeliosphereENLIL2.8215921592015/02/01 00:002015/04/02 00:00
Modeled Run Leila_Mays_110815_SH_1 New Horizons reg5med1 donkiv500w25 v3 20150201-20150431HeliosphereENLIL2.8215921592015/02/01 00:012015/04/02 00:01
Modeled Run Leila_Mays_100215_SH_1 New Horizons reg40low1 donkiv500w25 v1 20150201-20150901HeliosphereENLIL2.8215921592015/02/01 00:032015/09/01 00:05
Modeled Run Leila_Mays_121215_SH_1 New Horizons reg40low1 donkiv500w25v4 v4 20151014-20150414HeliosphereENLIL2.8e215521552014/10/14 00:042015/04/14 00:01
Modeled Run Leila_Mays_100116_SH_1 New Horizons reg40low1 donkiv500w25v5 v5 20141014-20150414 HeliosphereENLIL2.8f002014/10/14 00:002015/04/14 00:03

Visualization of 3D ENLIL simulation from Tom Bridgman (NASA Scientific Visualizatio Studio)

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