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CCMC Space Weather on Google Earth

The CCMC's experimental Google Earth space weather service - CCMC Space Weather - provides overlays to various real-time simulation results being generated at CCMC.

CCMC Space Weather file download:
Notice: In February of 2017, all US Government websites (including our web site serving the images to the Google Earth application) had to convert to HTTPS. As of 2018, Google Earth started supporting HTTPS so images should update.
July 11, 2018: It has come to our attention that several images are not updating or are stale (days or weeks old):

To get started, download the main level KML file (you might have to RIGHT click this link and choose Save As) and open it with your Google Earth application. Click the blue links in the Google Earth window for further information.

Google Earth download:
Google Earth (free software for PC, Mac and Linux provided).

Please note that this service is being expanded element by element over time. The new elements will appear automatically to your Google Earth application if the main level KML file is being used. Your comments, corrections and suggestions are always welcome.

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