Quick Start

Kameleon Installers

These platform-dependent installers include pre-built binaries and executeables.

Platform Installer Sha256 Hash
MacOSX x86_64 Mac_installer f294e1a3b51e2aca2ef50abd11670285f7f31e38a2750c8ea62f6d86a0fc652f
Linux x86_64 Linux_installer 9a26b73725dced0b4288a81c9deb37aac4e60fbbc33eb81e7d2a43189f0693a9

Run the installer with bash:

$ bash kameleon-6.1.0-MacOSX-x86_64.sh

Then follow the prompts:

Welcome to kameleon 6.1.0

kameleon will now be installed into this location:

  - Press ENTER to confirm the location
  - Press CTRL-C to abort the installation
  - Or specify an different location below

[<your/home/directory>/kameleon] >>>

After chosing your install location preference, you’ll see the following output:

installing: python-2.7.11-0 ...
Python 2.7.11 :: Continuum Analytics, Inc.
installing: boost-1.59.0-py27_0 ...
installing: bzip2-1.0.6-0 ...
installing: cdf36-3.6.1-0 ...
installing: cmake-3.3.1-0 ...
installing: hdf5- ...
installing: kameleon-6.1.0-py27_0 ...
installing: openssl-1.0.2g-0 ...
installing: pcre-8.31-0 ...
installing: pip-8.1.1-py27_0 ...
installing: readline-6.2-2 ...
installing: setuptools-20.3-py27_0 ...
installing: sqlite-3.9.2-0 ...
installing: swig-3.0.8-1 ...
installing: tk-8.5.18-0 ...
installing: wheel-0.29.0-py27_0 ...
installing: zlib-1.2.8-0 ...
installation finished.

Finally, choose whether to prepend the kameleon install location to your system path.:

Do you wish the installer to prepend the kameleon install location
to PATH in your /Users/apembrok/.bash_profile ? [yes|no]
[yes] >>> no

You may wish to edit your .bashrc or prepend the kameleon install location:

$ export PATH=/Users/apembrok/kameleon/bin:$PATH

Thank you for installing kameleon!

Note that because the kameleon installer includes its own version of python, chosing to prepend kameleon's bin directory will cause kameleon's python to take precedence over your system python.


The table below shows all executables packaged with the installer.

Note: The executable paths will be path/to/kameleon/bin/ccmc/examples/<language>.

language executable Description
c++/ kameleon_prog opens and samples kameleon supported Model
time_interp tests interpolation between time steps
tracer_prog tests the field line tracer on supported models
integrator_prog tests field line integrator on supported models
coordinate_transformation_test tests cxform’s coordinate transformations
lfm_test tests the reader and interpolator for LFM
enlil_test tests the reader/interpolator for Enlil
adapt3d_test tests the reader/interpolator for Adapt3d
open_ggcm_test tests the reader/interpolator for open-GGCM
mas_test tests the reader/interpolator for MAS
swmf_iono_test tests the reader/interpolator for SWMF ionosphere model
CDFReader tests the reader CDF file reader
c/ filereader_compat_test tests c wrapper for filereader
kameleon_compat_test tests c wrapper for kameleon
time_interp_c tests c wrapper for time interpolator
tracer_c tests c wrapper for tracer
fortran/ generalfilereader_compat_f tests FORTRAN wrapper for general file reader
kameleon_compat_f tests FORTRAN access to models through Kameleon
timeinterp_compat_f tests FORTRAN compatibility for time interpolator
tracer_compat_f tests FORTRAN compatibility for field line tracer
time_series_test saves time series of multiple variables to an output file
python/ kameleon_test.py tests python access to kameleon objects
tracer.py tests python access to field line tracer
ARMS_test.py tests python access to ARMS reader (python extension)
grid.py basic grid interpolation/cut plane visualization
pyModel_test.py test of embedded python readers/interpolators


The installer includes the following platform-dependent libraries (names corresponding to a Mac build shown here). The example programs automatically link to these. The library paths will begin with /path/to/kameleon/lib/ccmc. Headers are in /path/to/kameleon/include.

library path library name Description
ccmc/ libccmc.a main ccmc library containing model readers, interpolators, and tools
ccmc/c/ libccmc_wrapper_c.a c wrapper for ccmc library
ccmc/fortran/ libccmc_wrapper_fortran.a fortran wrapper for ccmc library
ccmc/java/ libkameleon_plus-wrapper-java-6.0.0.jnilib java wrapper for ccmc library (lib<name>.so for linux,<name>.dll for windows)
kameleon_plus-native-Darwin-6.0.0.jar platform-specific java library (Darwin on mac)
ccmc/python/CCMC CCMC.py, _CCMC.so python module - “make install” will install to system’s python libraries

Test Data

Download sample kameleon test data here.

Model name model output run id
Enlil Enlil_output Ailsa_Prise_101414_SH_1
LFM LFM_output  
MAS MAS_output  
SWMF SWMF_output Zheng
OpenGGCM OpenGGCM_output Alexa_Halford_062105_2

Download, untar and unzip any of the above test data, e.g.:

wget http://ccmc.gsfc.nasa.gov/downloads/sample_data/ENLIL.tar.bz2
tar -vxjf ENLIL.tar.bz2