Supported Models

As of Version 6.0.1, the following models are supported.

Model Reader Supported Variables
Adapt3D Supported Supported
BATS-R-US Supported Supported
ENLIL Supported Supported
LFM Supported p,rho,ux,uy,uz,bx,by,bz,ex,ey,ez
Open-GGCM Supported Supported
MAS Supported Supported
SWMF-Ionosphere beta beta

Accessing the Models

The Kameleon Class provides access to supported models through a common interface.

For example, the following python code is model-independent (e.g. it may be used to access the BATS-R-US model or the LFM):

import CCMC
kameleon = CCMC.Kameleon()"/path/to/ccmc-converted/file.cdf")
interpolator = kameleon.createNewInterpolator()
bz = interpolator.interpolate("bz",25,0,0)
print "bz:", bz

This encourages code re-use when comparing results from different models. See Kameleon Class Demo for a complete example.

Alternatively, you may invoke a model’s reader directly:

import CCMC
lfm = CCMC.LFM()"/path/to/converted/lfm_file.cdf") #could also be "/path/to/converted/lfm_file.H5"
interpolator = lfm.createNewInterpolator()
bz, dx, dy, dz = interpolator.interpolate_dc('bz',-30,0,0) # dx,dy,dz will store the local resolution
print bz

This is useful for accessing model-specific variables and routines.