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A Modular Capability for Community Modeling of Flares, CMEs and their Interplanetary Impacts

LWS MSEC project page

CCMC is supporting "A Modular Capability for Community Modeling of Flares, CMEs and their Interplanetary Impacts" effort within the NASA/NSF Partnership For Collaborative Space Weather Modeling. Modular Solar Eruptions Capability (MSEC) will consist of a set of interchangeable modules and libraries, including a Training Library, that will enable the user to model a complete solar eruption event, from energy buildup by flux emergence to space weather impact at Earth. All the MSEC components will be delivered to the CCMC and the source code will be made publicly available. MSEC will be used to attack the four central problems in the science of solar eruptions: (1) energy buildup and eruption onset, (2) explosive energy release, (3) the nature of fast coronal reconnection, and (4) Heliospheric impacts.

PI: Spiro Antiochos

SWMF AWSoM_R (Alfven Wave Solar Atmosphere model), has been installed at the CCMC, with the following products available to the users:

CCMC has regular communication (weekly) with the MSEC team and visits from Igor Sokolov (every few months).

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AWSoM_R simulations performed at the CCMC

(For more AWSoM_R runs see the CCMC Runs-on-Request-Database.)

Run NumberKey WordsModel TypeModel Model Version Run Type Carrington Rotation StartCarrington Rotation EndEvent Date
Aleksandre_Taktakishvili_031616_SH_2 2015-06-18T17-24 CME, LWSSolarSWMF AWSoM_R9.2CME+EEGGL216621672015/06/18 16:40
Aleksandre_Taktakishvili_041816_SH_2 St. Patrick day storm CME run1, LWSSolarSWMF AWSoM_R9.2CME+EEGGL216121622015/03/15 02:13
Aleksandre_Taktakishvili_050316_SH_1 St.Patrick day storm CME run2, LWSSolarSWMF AWSoM_R9.2CME+EEGGL216121622015/03/15 02:13
Aleksandre_Taktakishvili_051916_SH_1 Ambient CR2161 lon 170, LWSSolarSWMF AWSoM_R9.2ambient solar wind21612161
Aleksandre_Taktakishvili_051916_SH_2 2012, July 12 CME, LWSSolarSWMF AWSoM_R9.2CME+EEGGL212521262012/07/12 13:51

Project Contacts
PI: Spiro Antiochos
Igor Sokolov

CCMC Contacts
Aleksandre Taktakishvili
Richard Mullinix (EEGGL interface questions)

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