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Corona-Solar Wind Energetic Particle Acceleration (C-SWEPA) Modules

LWS C-SWEPA project page
UNH C-SWEPA project page

CCMC is supporting the "Corona-Solar Wind Energetic Particle Acceleration (C-SWEPA) Modules" effort within the NASA/NSF Partnership For Collaborative Space Weather Modeling. C-SWEPA's central objective is to develop and validate a numerical framework of physics-based modules that couple the low corona and CMEs with solar wind, shocks, acceleration and composition of energetic particles, and the fluctuations and turbulence within solar wind that buffet terrestrial and planetary magnetospheres. C-SWEPA deliverables include: two numerical systems (one at the CCMC and one at UNH) that run C-SWEPA; documentation; and an intuitive interface.

Status of deliverables to the CCMC:

  • PREDICCS: has been installed at the CCMC and is running in real-time. CCMC has a real-time page and archive of model results.
  • EPREM: has been installed at the CCMC and will be available for Runs on Request users soon.
  • EPREM+cone: A CME-like "cone" CME disturbance is propagated out from the inner boundary. Has been installed at the CCMC and will be available for Runs on Request users soon.
  • Coupled WSA-ENLIL+EPREM: Has been installed, simulations are currently being tested at the CCMC, preliminary run results are listed below.
Uses ENLIL version 2.8 also delivered to CCMC as part of another NASA/NSF partnership project (Helioweather).

CCMC is working on Runs on Request interfaces, online CCMC visualization, and support scripts for these models with input from the C-SWEPA team. C-SWEPA will provide a downloadable EPREM code package that CCMC will serve to the community on this website. CCMC has regular communication (weekly telecons) with the C-SWEPA team.

Coupled ENLIL + EPREM simulations at the CCMC

July 2012 (2012-07-12 to 2012-07-16) including 1 CME
  • ENLIL v2.8f simulation: Low resolution.
  • EPREM simulation (without shock solver)

July 2012 (2012-07-12 to 2012-08-01) including 5 CMEs
  • ENLIL v2.8e simulation: Low resolution. Publication: Bain et al., ApJ, 2016, accepted.
  • EPREM simulation

Related Links

  • C-SWEPA Midterm Report.
  • N. A. Schwadron, et al. (2014), Synthesis of 3-D Coronal-Solar Wind Energetic Particle Acceleration Modules, Space Weather, 12, 323–328, doi:10.1002/2014SW001086.
  • N. A. Schwadron, et al. (2015), Particle Acceleration at Low Coronal Compression Regions and Shocks, ApJ, 810, 97, doi:10.1088/0004-637X/810/2/97.   •  Presentation at CCMC Workshop 2016: From the Photosphere to the CCMC: Coupled Focus Transport and MHD

Project Contact
PI: Nathan Schwadron

CCMC Contacts
M. Leila Mays
Peter MacNeice

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