SEP Scoreboard Change Log

SRAG Project Demo presented to SRAG Project members, operators, and scientific modelers on March 31, 2021.

(2021.03.31) Added uncertainty data to hovers for SEPSTER2D.

(2021.03.29) Added forecast intensity uncertainty bars for SEPSTER2D.

(2021.03.29) Added fluence value and uncertainties to SEPSTER2D hover text.

(2021.03.29) Moved the all clear display legend lower.

(2021.03.25) Added >500 MeV column to the All Clear Display to show UMASEP-500 all clear values/GLEs.

(2021.03.25) Implemented the use of an additional data table for REleASE, dropping REleASE data gathering time for the time series to less than one tenth of a second.

(2021.03.25) Added 'SEPSTER2D' to the list of models in the database.

(2021.03.24) Added 'SEPSTER2D' model family option.

(2021.03.23) Changed 'REleASE' model family option to 'REleASE (all)' and added 'REleASE 60-min' option.

(2021.03.23) Adjusted height, margins, and font size for the heat maps.

(2021.03.23) Fixed bugs in hover data for SEPMOD and UMASEP in the heat maps.

(2021.03.18) Decreased refresh time from by 5%.

(2021.03.17) SEPSTER2D added to the Intensity heat map and the All Clear heat map. GOES added to the All Clear heat map.

(2021.03.17) Increased font size of the x-axis labels for the All Clear heat map.

(2021.03.17) Added a note on how to add a model family back into the time series display once it has been removed.

(2021.02.17) Hover text for the All Clear forecasts was matched to the Intensity Heat Map forecasts.

(2021.01.26) Changed SEPMOD's Intensity heat map data selection to use this criteria:

   1. do not display any peak intensity values from superceded forecasts

   2. current time must be after the forecast's pwst and before the profile's non-0 data max/end time

   3. display the maximum peak intensity of all appropriate profiles.

(2021.01.15) Added CME time at height time to hover data for SEPSTER and SEPMOD, as appropriate.

(2021.01.15) Added way for user to select which model families to show (so you can ignore others).

(2021.01.08) Proton All Clear Forecasts (Proto D) now populated.

(2020.12.30) Replaced 'kauai' with 'webtools' as server name changed.

(2020.12.18) Changed SEPMOD's Intensity heat map and time series data selection to include that the user-selected date/time must be between the prediction window start time and the profile's non-0 data max/end time.

(2020.12.17) Added 5- and 10-day x-axis range options.

(2020.12.03) Added UMASEP-30 and UMASEP-50.

(2020.12.02) Improved selection of model ID values from the database.

(2020.11.27) Improved link selection to get to detailed model information.

(2020.11.27) Added CME catalog information in SEPMOD hover data.

(2020.11.23) More secure handling of the date/time value the user inputs.