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ULF wave Modeling, Effects, and Applications (UMEA) and Modeling Methods and Validation (MMV) Focus Groups- 2016 GEM-CEDAR Summer Workshop


In this session, we solicit presentations focused on using models to examine effects of near-Earth boundary conditions on ULF wave dynamics and discussion/development of methods to perform collaborative model-model and model-observation comparisons in ULF wave studies. We are interested in observations or index values derived from observations that can be compared with quantities that can be calculated from model results. Although part of the session will be focused on the ongoing ULF wave modeling challenge using global MHD simulations, we solicit speakers using a range of different models, including other types of numerical simulation, analytic models, etc.

Please submit your name and title of your presentation on this form (Thursday PM2 session) on this Google form

Thanks and see you at the workshop.


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