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Mid-Tail Modeling Challenge

The CCMC has begun work on a modeling challenge to assess global MHD models' capability to predict large-scale and meso-scale dynamics of the mid-tail at 60 RE in response to the solar wind/IMF changes. Background information and presentations from the mid-tail modeling challenge session at the 2016 GEM Summer Workshop are available.


From the Tail Environment and Dynamics at Lunar Distances Focus Group and Modeling Methods and Validation

We are organizing a modeling challenge to investigate the ability of global models (both MHD and hybrid models) to reproduce the large-scale and meso-scale structures dynamics of the mid-tail (X ~ –60 RE) observed by ARTEMIS. For this challenge we selected an event with prolonged (48 hours) northward IMF interval from 13-14 February 2014, during which the two ARTEMIS probes (separation of ~1-3 RE) were at XGSE = –60 RE moving from YGSE = 23 to 3 RE and are close to the current sheet. The objective is to address the following questions:

  1. How does the mid-tail configuration response to changes in IMF By and solar wind dynamic pressure?
  2. What processes cause the 10 to 30 min perturbations in the mid-tail plasma sheet?
  3. What are characteristics of plasma flows in mid-tail plasma sheet?

Presentation on this challenge:

Chih-Ping Wang’s Event overview

Publications about mid-tail observation and modeling:

Simulation runs at CCMC: Planned Higher-resolution simulation runs by modelers: Please send questions, comments and suggestions to . and .

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