GEM-CEDAR Challenge
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Simulation Results Submission Procedure

Determine the Model Setting

Check if the model setting is already registerd with the CCMC. If not, submit your NEW model setting on the challenge website.

File Formats

Please check file formats for model outputs before you proceed with their submission.

For ALL studies EXCEPT global TEC, NmF2, hmF2

Submit the model results for this model setting on the challenge website.

For global TEC, NmF2 and/or hmF2 studies only

Please upload the model results to CCMC's anonymous ftp server (, into the subdirectory with the name of your model setting.

E.g., for model setting N_MODELNAME you should upload files into subdirectory:

For example:
cd pub/GEM-CEDAR/in/E.2006.347-2006.349/hmF2/N_ModelName
put command should upload the files.

Model output file naming convention

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