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August 2019
Model Available options
Latest image
WSA  Browse/download data files

Format of the WSA output file

WSA 4 plot image
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View daily magnetograms and run output images
Luhmann PFSS   Browse/download data files PFSS hairy ball image
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Visualize run results
ENLIL  Visualize run results

Browse/download ENLIL plots with STEREO beacon data

ENLIL image
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To download 3D data files via anonymous FTP please contact CCMC staff.
MAS Sample Run  Currently, an MAS calculation takes approximately 3 days to produce and we cannot support a daily archive. A sample calculation is shown for Carrington Rotation 1988 and a link to the plotting tool is given. Currently, there is no daily archive. We will in future move to a four-processor computing configuration which can keep up with a daily archive. MAS sample plot image for CR 1988 Click to enlarge image

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