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Weimer Ionosphere model.

This is the web interface for the visualization of the Weimer predictive ionospheric model.

Please review the default selections below and make your changes.

To start the graphics program click the Update Plot button. The resulting image will be displayed at this location of the page.

Should the result be a black image, then the graphics program encountered a programming error. Please report the set of input parameters used.

  Update Plot will update (generate) the plot with the chosen time and plot parameters below.
This will take some time (typically 5-10s) as data is read in and processed.

Weimer model version:   

  Weimer-2K (release 2 with FAC model)
  Weimer-2005 (PHI and FAC)

Earth system input parameters:   

  use Date ("MM/DD/YYYY HH:MM"):       //  :
select Tilt of Earth's dipole (Range: -34°<tilt<34°):    

Solar Wind input parameters:    

specify |B|, angle 
IMF B magnitude (0<B<50nT, recommended: |B|<15nT):  
IMF B angle (-180°<angle<180°; 0=north):        
specify By and Bz
IMF By:     ( [By2+Bz2]1/2 < 50 nT )
IMF Bz:     (model works best for |By| and |Bz| < 15 nT)
Plasma velocity magnitude V:      (200 km/s < V < 1100 km/s)
Plasma particle density N:           (0.2 cm-3 < N < 100 cm-3)

Display parameters:   

Choose quantity to be displayed (some Plot Modes require multiple choices)
Q 1:  Q 2: 
Choose Plot Mode:
   All PlotModes use the IMF B amplitude, IMF angle, plasma velocity and density, dipole tilt or date, and the AE index (optional).
    ColorContour (2D) Use 1st quantity to render color contour plot.
    Color+Contour Plots 2nd variable as contour over 1st (in color)
    Geo-ColorContour (2D)  Same as Color Contour, with geographic coordinates.
    Geo-Color+Contour Plots 2nd variable as contour over 1st (in color), with geographic coordinates
Image magnification (all images):
Contours: Fix contour range (applies only to Color Contour)   Number of levels (> 0):
Level interval (in kV for PHI):
Level interval (in μAm-2 for FAC):
Minimum latitude:      (Range: 0 ... 80°; 0° = equator, 90° = pole, magnetic or geographic)


 use AL index (-1500 nT < AL < 50 nT)  
  Warning: Large negative values of the AL index may give invalid results with positive Bz.
 plot both hemispheres
 plot northern hemisphere
 plot southern hemisphere
Use Colors:    use Weimer-2005 colortable (blue-red) (black&white if unchecked)
Geographic plots:   plot continents
                    Note: model patterns are mirrored at dawn-dusk line in the southern hemisphere.

  Reset Form will reset changes to the defaults specified by the previous run of this script.
  Update Plot will update (generate) the plot with the chosen time and plot parameters above.
List Data (check to get any of the following outputs):
At positions specified:   enter positions in (magnetic or geogr.) Lat. and Local Time (LT) as comma-separated lists.
Lat. positions:
LT positions:
List Data From Plot:

  • 2D plots (Contour, Vector, ...): whole grid (selection will be reduced if over 44000 positions).

  • 4856 Requests since April 11, 2012

    Curator of visualization:
    Last script update: January 31, 2008.