2D Model Results: Model: GUMICS
Run: Xiantong_Wang_033118_3

This is the web interface to create time series visualizations of results of a two-dimensional simulation or specification of the Earth's environment.

Please review the default selections below and make your changes.

To start the graphics program click the Update Plot button. The resulting image will be displayed at this location of the page.

Should the result be a black image, then the graphics program encountered a programming error. Please report the set of input parameters used.

  Update Plot will update (generate) the plot with the chosen time and plot parameters below.
This will take some time (typically 10-30s) as data is read in and processed.

Time sampling rate:
Plot Options:
Use satellite track  (uncheck to use lon,lat start and end positions)
Trace satellite position to ionosphere layer:
Note: Satellites may not always be in the modeled region and model data may be unavailable.
Use latitude and longitude position of satellites at ionosphere altitude.
Trace satellite position along magnetic dipole to ionosphere altitude (usually 110 km altitude or 1.017RE from the Earth's center).
Trace satellite position along magnetic IGRF field to ionosphere altitude.
Image magnification 
   (all images; use >=1.25 for 3D Flowlines)
Choose Plot Mode: Choose quantity to be displayed (some Plot Modes require up to three choices):
Q 1:  Q 2:   Q 3: 

Choose position for start time and end time:
  Line Plot and Trajectory Plot: Select start point of line on the left, the end point on the right.
Enter the same coordinates to follow model output at a single position.
If the positions are different, simple linear interpolation is used in each coordinate for times between the start and end time. The resulting trajectory may not follow a great circle.   
(Color)Contour Plot: Select start point of spatial line on the left, the end point on the right.
A time interval of non-zero length has to be selected, too.
Colat1 Colat2 Range: 0 ... 180 deg.
MLT1 MLT2 Range: 0 ... 360 deg.
  Reset Form will reset changes to the defaults specified by the previous run of this script.
  Update Plot will update (generate) the plot with the chosen time and plot parameters above.
List Data (check to get any of the following outputs):
What: Plot variables from above
Include all primary model output parameters (Warning: text files may become large).
You have to select vector magnitudes (e.g., "B","V","J") explicitly for plotting to get them:
    computed scalars such as
    derived vectors (e.g, "JxB"): select one component or its magnitude to get all components

Include parameters from this list in addition to those selected for the plot: (copy names from Q1 list above and separate them with commas).
Where: List Data From Plot:
  • 2D plots (Contour, Vector, ...):
         equidistant 61x61-element grid in cut plane (Interpolate data onto equidistant grid selected)
         max. 44000 grid positions (Interpolate data onto equidistant grid unchecked)
  • LinePlot: data along line plotted,

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