Data and model comparisons

This is the web interface for the visualization of observational data and results of several model run results.

Please review the default selections below and make your changes.

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  1_SAMI3_HWM93:   SAMI3 driven by HWM93, 120 (lat)× 90 (lon) ×160 (alt) (90km < alt< 20,000 km), J. Huba, CCMC
  1_CTIPE:   CTIPe driven by Weimer electric potential model, (2 lat × 18 lon, 15 levels in logarithm of pressure, CCMC
  1_TIE-GCM:   TIE-GCM v.1.93 with Heelis electric potential model (5 lat × 5 lon, 29 constant-pressure levels), CCMC
  2_TIE-GCM:   TIE-GCM v1.94 driven by Weimer electric potential model with dynamic critical co-latitudes (5 lat × 5 lon, 29 constant-pressure levels), B. Emery
  1_USU-GAIM:   USU-GAIM23 with GPS TEC observations from up to 400 ground stations (-60 < lat < 60), (4.66 lat x 15 lon), CCMC
  1_USU-IFM:   USU-IFM driven by F10.7, Kp and empirical inputs for the thermosphere parameters, (3 lat × 7.5 lon), CCMC
  1_IRI:   IRI-2007, CCMC
  3_GITM:   GITM, 64 PEs About 6 times real-time, A. Ridley
  1_JPL-GAIM:   JPL-GAIM with ground based GPS data (-55 < lat < 55) and COSMIC data , (3 lat × 10 lon × 40 km altitude), P. Stephens

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