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CCMC 2014 Workshop


The 7th CCMC Community Workshop was held at the Annapolis Marriott Waterfront Hotel, Annapolis, Maryland on March 31 - April 04, 2014.

Biennial CCMC community workshops are designed as opportunities for an in-depth exchange of experiences, opinions and needs between model owners, science and operational users, agency representatives and the CCMC staff.

Make your hotel reservation (book by 02/28/2014; special conference rate is $101 per night). We expect no conference registration fee.



Introduction, Director's Report, Agencies' View of CCMC, Keynote Presentations
Chair: R. Walker, NSF

  • Introductory remarks, M. Hesse, NASA GSFC
  • Director's report, M. Kuznetsova, NASA GSFC
  • NASA Heliophysics view of CCMC, D. Chenette, NASA HQ
  • NSF and CCMC, R. Robinson, NSF
  • CCMC: USAF Perspective, LtCol. J. Harris, US AF
  • CCMC - Community Resource for Research and Education, J. Sojka, USU
  • Model Developer View: Role of CCMC in R2O, T. Gombosi, UMICH
  • Highlights of CCMC's evolving infrastructure, M. Maddox, NASA GSFCDiscussion:
    • How to take advantage of CCMC existing capabilities, real-time systems, procedures, libraries, tools and databases?
    • What should the CCMC and model developers do to facilitate collaborative development?

CCMC Support for an Evolving LWS Program
Chair: S. Antiochos, NASA GSFC

  • Living with a Star: Science That Matters to People (Past Accomplishments and Future Promise), M. Guhathakurta, NASA HQ
  • LWS Steering Committee 2014: Latest Progress, T. Mannucci, JPL
  • LWS and CCMC: Fostering Community Modeling in the Next 10 Years, J. Linker, PREDSCIPanel Discussion:
    Moderator: S. Antiochos
    Panelists: T. Fuller-Rowell, T. Gombosi, M. Guhathakurta, J. Linker, T. Mannucci, J. Raeder, N. Schwardron
    • How can the CCMC most effectively support LWS?
    • CCMC and the Evolving LWS Program
    • Future Directions in SH Physics, N.A. Schwadron, UNH
    • CCMC support for LWS: Magnetosphere version, J. Raeder, SSC/UNH
    • Future LWS contributions to CMCC, Bob Leamon, NASA HQ
    • Future directions in ITM physics: implications for CCMC, T. Fuller-Rowell, NOAA SWPC, CIRES


Models at CCMC, Collaborations with Model Developers, Updates from on-going LWS projects, Preparation for LWS deliverables
Chair: I.Roussev, NSF

  • CORHEL at the CCMC, J. Linker et al, PREDSCI
  • ENLIL: Updates from on-going LWS-SC project, D. Odstrcil, NASA GSFC/GMU
  • SWMF Solar/Helio, B. Van der Holt, UMICH
  • LFM-helio, S. Merkin, JHU APL
  • Heliospheric Tomography used to Provide Velocities, Densities, and Vector Magnetic Fields, B. Jackson, UCSDDiscussion:
    Moderator: J. Linker
    • Adjusting CCMC's Solar and Helio Model Inventory to focus on time dependent magnetograms
  • The Coronal Global Evolutionary Model (CGEM), G. Fisher, SSL Berkeley
  • Approach to Integrate Global-Sun Models of Magnetic Flux Emergence and Transport for Space Weather Studies, N. Mansour, NASA ARC
  • EMMREM, PREDICCs, the Genesis of SEPs (C-SWEPA), N. Schwadron, UNH
  • Relativistic Electron Alert System for Exploration (REleASE) at CCMC and CCMC User Report, A. Posner, NASA HQ
  • LWS Model in Testing: A Magnetogram Interpolation and Composition tool (MAGIC), P. MacNeice et all, NASA GSFC
  • An overview of the case-study event & coronal and IP observations of the Earth-directed CME, S. Antiochos, NASA GSFCDiscussion:
    Moderator: S. Antiochos**Splinter Session 1:
    Leads: L. Mays, J. Luhmann**Splinter Session 2:
    Leads: J. Linker, I. Sokolov, P. MacNeice, M. Maddox
    • Models configured as Numerical Experiments
    • SEP add-ons to existing models
    • Solar Energetic Particles (SEPs) Model with Field-Line-Threads
    • ENLIL Progress and Plans Relevant to SEP Studies
    • CCMC support of on-going LWS projects
    • Computational resource requirements of current and future models
    • How the CCMC infrastructure should evolve in support of LWS deliverables?
    • What opportunities exist to leverage software tool development for tasks which are common to multiple groups?

Chair: R. Walker, NSF

  • SWMF Geospace, G. Toth, UMICH
  • OpenGGCM, J. Raeder, UNH
  • LTR at CCMC LFM-MIX-TIEGCM-RCM, J. Lyon, Darthmouth
  • Finnish Meteorological Institute 24/7 space weather service, I. Honkonen, NASA GSFC/FMI
  • Update on Empirical Models at CCMC, D. Weimer, Virginia Tech
  • IDA4D and AMIE, G. Crowley, ASTRA

Chair: H. Singer, NOAA/SWPC

  • TIE-GCM v. 2.0, S. Solomon, UCAR
  • NRL SAMI2/3 Ionosphere Models at CCMC and Future Upgrades, J. Huba, NRL
  • PBMOD Scintillation Modeling at CCMC, John Retterer, Boston College
  • TRIPL-DA at the CCMC, Roy Calfas, University of Texas at Austin
  • CTIPe recent developments, T. Fuller-Rowell, NOAA SWPC, CIRES
  • Ensemble Modeling with Data Assimilation Models: A New Strategy for Space Weather Specifications and Forecasts, J. Sojka, USU


Mission Science Support. Inner Magnetosphere Models.
Chair: J. Raeder, UNH

  • CCMC for Mission Science Support, A. Glocer, NASA GSFC
  • CRCM and beyond, M-C. Fok, NASA GSFC
  • Rice Convection Model: Present, Near Future, and Role of CCMC, S. Sazykin, RICE University
  • Versatile Electron Radiation Belt (VERB) code 3D and 4D, Y. Shprits, UCLA/MIT

Research and Education Support

  • Evaluation of Multiple Coronal and Heliospheric Models Installed at the CCMC, L. Jian, NASA GSFC
  • ICME evolution from Mercury to 1 AU - possible early detection system for geomagnetic storms, R. Winslow, UBC
  • User feedback: Geospace, D. Sibeck, NASA GSFC
  • CCMC User feedback: Mapping of the Quasi-Periodic Oscillations at the Flank Magnetopause into the Ionosphere, E. Dougal, Sandia National Lab
  • CCMC User Experience: Analysis Tool Refinement using Enlil Case Studies, J. Murphy, LASP
  • CCMC-VMR Partnership, D. De Zeeuw, UMICHDiscussion:
    Moderator: A. Roberts**Splinter Session 3:
    Leads: M. Maddox, C. Wiegand, L. Mays, R. Mullinix, L. Rastaetter, A. Chulaki
    • CCMC support of Virtual Observatories
    • DEMO: Tools and systems for research, validation, analysis and space weather forecasting
    • Demo: iSWA, M. Maddox, NASA GSFC
    • Demo: SW Scoreboard, L. Mays, NASA GSFC
    • Demo: SW DONKI, StereoCAT, Runs-on-Request - Next Gen, R. Mullinix, NASA GSFC
    • ΔB Calculation, L. Rastaetter, NASA GSFC

Chair: T. Moretto, NSF

  • NSF view of CCMC role in education, R. Robinson, NSF
  • CCMC/SWRC SW REDI - CCMC's Role in Education, Introduction, Y. Zheng, NASA GSFC
  • Students' Feedback - Forecasting Space Weather, D. Krishnarao, M. Romano et al, CUA
  • Professor's feedback: QCC SWREP, M.Chantale Damas, CUNY/QCC
  • Embedding Education Material into iSWA and Feedback, D. Knipp, CU
  • Using CCMC Space Weather Modeling Resources in a Classroom, M.Liehmohn, Univ. of Michigan
  • A Student's Perspective on NASA's CCMC, Colin Komar, WV University
  • Using CCMC tools at Summer Schools, N. Gross, BU
  • CCMC-LiU-AMNH Partnership, Advanced Visualization Bringing space weather models to planetariums, A. Bock, LiU Sweden
  • CCMC-LiU-AMNH Partnership, Advanced Visualization Bringing space weather models to planetariums, C. Emmart, AMNH
  • Discussion:
    • Opportunities for Education


Space Weather: Applications, Prototyping, Services, Meterics and Validation.
Chair: T. Gombosi, UMICH

  • AFWA - CCMC/SWRC partnership, M. Horner, AFWA
  • Interplanetary space weather services to NASA robotic missions, J. Hunt, JPL
  • CARA space weather needs and collaboration with CCMC/SWRC, R. Besser, NASA GSFC
  • FAA AST - CCMC SWRC Partnering Activities, K. Shelton-Mur, FAA
  • DTU CCMC/SWRC collaboration: Space Weather Forecast, S. Vennerstroem, DTU, DK
  • NASA HEOMD view of CCMC/SWRC, J. Allen, NASA HQ
  • NASA JSC/SRAG-CCMC/SWRC Partnership - Applications for Human Spaceflight, D. Fry, NASA JSC

Linking space environment modeling with models calculating impacts on biological and technogical systems

  • Spacecraft Charging Interactions, H. Garrett, JPL
  • Internal charging, J. Minow, NASA MSFC
  • Satellite drag, E. Zesta, NASA GSFCDiscussion:
    Discussion statement: J. Minow**Splinter Session 4:
    Conveners: K. Shelton-Mur, A. Pulkkinen
    • Addressing the Need for a Database of Measured SWx Impacts (aka anomaly database) to facilitate forecasting service assessment, J. Minow, NASA MSFC
    • Suborbital flights: space weather impacts and modeling
    • Sources of Occupational Exposure to Ionizing Radiation for Air and Space Travelers, K. Copeland, FAA
    • SRAG Views on Space Weather Hazard at Suborbital Flight Altitudes, D. Fry, NASA JSC
    • NAIRAS model and application to space weather efforts for suborbital flights, C. Mertens, LARC

Chair: J. Harris, US AF

  • NOAA's SWPC Partnership with NASA's CCMC, H. Singer and R. Viereck, NOAA SWPCDiscussion:
    • Validation, prototyping, and uncertainty assessment for operational geospace models
  • CCMC support of GEM program: Status and Outlook, e. Macdonald, NASA GSFC
  • CEDAR support from the CCMC: Model Challenges and Metrics, B. Emery, UCAR
  • iTU Space Weather Lab and CCMC Possible Collaborative Works, C. Kalafatoglu-Eyiguler, ITU
  • Selecting metrics for specific applications, A. Ridley, UMICHDiscussion:
    • Selecting metrics for specific applications
  • Forecasting Methods Scoreboard Overview, L. Mays, NASA GSFC
  • Scoreboard participants feedback, S. Hong, KSWC
  • Scoreboard participants feedback - Operational specification and forecasting advances for Dst, K. Tobiska, SET
  • SHINE Solar and Heliospheric Model Validation Project, P. MacNeice, NASA GSFC


Partnership with research, educational and operational institutions world-wide
Chair: I. Mccrea, Rutherford Appleton Laboratory

  • ESA SSA Programme Space Weather Segment, ESA, J-P. Luntama, ISS/ESA
  • SPENVIS - CCMC relationship, BIRA, M. Kruglanski, Belgium
  • Overview of COMESEP Project, BIRA, N. Crosby, Belgium
  • Korean Space Weather Center/National Radio Research Agency, S. Hong, Korea
  • Space Monitoring Data Center of SINP MSU, V. Kalegaev, Russia
  • iTU Space Weather Lab and CCMC Possible Collaborative Works, C. Kalafatoglu-Eyiguler, Turkey
  • Space Weather, MET Office, M. Gibbs, UK
  • CCMC - SANSA collaboration efforts, C. Ngwira, CUA/NASA GSFCDiscussion:
    Leads: M. Kuznetsova, I. Mccrea
    • International CCMC (iCCMC) opportunities
    • Ideas for an iCCMC, I. Mccrrea, Rutherford Appleton Laboratory
    • ISWI/ILWS/SCOSTEP International CCMC Opportunities, N. Gopalswamy, NASA GSFC
    • 2014 Space Weather Statement, L. Guhathakurta, NASA HQ


  • Sessions Chairs, Discussion Leaders, Final words.
    • CCMC International session notes, I. Mccrea, Rutherford Appleton Laboratory
    • CCMC - Summary of workshop results, J. Sojka, USU
    • Discussion on space weather impacts database, J. Minow, NASA MSFC
    • Session Summaries, P. MacNeice, NASA GSFC


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