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CCMC 2010 Workshop


Monday, January 25, 2010

Introduction, Director Report, Agency's View of CCMC, Collaboration with Model Developers

  • Welcoming Remarks, R. Behnke
  • Director's Report, M. Hesse
  • NASA View of CCMC, J. Hayes
  • The CCMC and Community Space Weather Modeling, R. Robinson
  • UNH-CCMC Collaboration, J. Raeder
  • CISM-CCMC Collaboration, J. Lyon
  • CSEM-CCMC Collaboration, T. Gombosi
  • AFOSR view of CCMC, C. Fesen


Tuesday 01/26/2010

Models at CCMC: Successes, Challenges, Plans for the Future.

  • WSA, N. Arge
  • ENLIL, D. Odstrcil
  • Heliospheric Tomography: B. Jackson
  • Prompt SPEs and the Relativistic Electron Alert System for Exploration (REleASE), A. Posner , O.Rother, B. Heber, R. Mueller-Mellin
  • Earth-Moon-Mars Radiation Environment Module (EMMREM): A Tool For Energetic Particle Fluxes and Radiation Doses Prediction In the Inner Heliosphere, K. A. Kozarev, N. A. Schwadron, M. A. Dayeh, A. Fuegi, L. W. Townsend, M. I. Desai, M. PourArsalan
  • SWMF Solar/Heliopshere, B. Van Der Holst
  • CORHEL, Z. Mikic
  • Weimer Models, D. Weimer
  • SWMF Magnetosphere, G. Toth
  • OpenGGCM, A. Vapirev
  • CRCM/RBE, A. Glocer
  • WINDMI, W. Horton
  • SWMF Ionosphere/RIM/GITM, A. Ridley
  • RCM, S. Sazykin


Wednesday 01/27/2010

User Feedback. Research and Education Support.

  • User Feedback: THEMIS Support, S. Eriksson
  • User Feedback: Ionosphere Models, D. Rees
  • User Feedback: Solar/Helio Models, T. Falkenberg
  • User Feedback: Magnetosphere Models, J.Borovsky
  • Science & Education Opportunities of CCMC, R. Walker
  • Using CCMC in Education at University of Colorado, D. Knipp
  • On-Line Education Material DEMO: G.Siscoe, M.Kuznetsova, A.Chulaki


Thursday 01/28/2010

Support of Space Weather Forecasters. Metrics and V&V.

  • NASA Space Weather Needs, J. Allen
  • CCMC Role in Providing SWx Information for NASA Robotic Missions, R. Turner
  • AFWA-CCMC Collaboration, J. Cox
  • AFRL-CCMC Collaboration, S. Quigley
  • NOAA SWPC Needs, H. Singer
  • Integrated Space Weather Analysis System DEMO, M. Maddox
  • CCMC Metrics and V&V Repport: Solar/Helio Models, P.Macneice
  • CCMC Metrics and V&V Report: Magnetosphere/Ionosphere Models A. Pulkkinen
  • CCMC Role in GEM GGCM Metrics and Validation Activities, S. Sazykin

Discussion: CCMC Role in SW Models Validation

Discussion: CCMC Support of Space Weather Forecasters

Friday 01/29/2010

New Models and Opportunities. Summary of Workshop Results.

  • TIEGCM at CCMC, S. Solomon
  • Ionospere Scintillations, J. Retterer
  • Radiation Belt Data Assimilation, J. Koller
  • JPL/USC GAIM, B. Wilson, P. Stephens
  • 4D Solar Wind Turbulence Model, I. Sokolov
  • Kinetic Simulations, M. Hesse

Session Summaries

  • Collaboration with Code Developers, F.Kamalabadi
  • Models at CCMC, R.Walker
  • Science and Education Support, J. Lyon
  • Space Weather Forecasters Support, T. Gombosi
  • Metrics and V&V, A. Posner

Discussion: New Directions

Final Words: J. Hayes (NASA), J. Cox (US AF), R. Robinson (NSF).


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