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Last Updated: 04/20/2022

CCMC 2007 Workshop


Monday, November 05, 2007

Director Report and Keynote talk

  • Introductory notes: C. Holmes
  • Director' s Report: M. Hesse
  • Keynote science talk: The Evolution of Science and Educational Opportunities at the CCMC: R. Walker

Users Feedback

  • User Feedback: Magnetospheric Models: J. Borovsky
  • User feedback: Using Solar-Helio Models at the CCMC: C. Lee
  • Impression on CCMC: M. Fujimoto
  • CCMC Support of Active Missions: STEREO, THEMIS: A. Szabo
  • User needs: Ionosphere Models. IPY support: T. Mannucci


  • Collegiate Space Weather Competition: C. Holmes
  • US AF Academy - CCMC educational activities: D. Knipp
  • AFIT - CCMC educational activities: C. Smithro

Panel Discussion: Agencies View of CCMC

Tuesday 11/06/2007

Collaborations with model developers: Successes, Challenges. New Models and Opportunities.

  • CSEM - CCMC collaborations and plans for the future: T.Gombosi
  • CISM-CCMC collaborations and future plans: J. Lyon
  • Highlights of OpenGGCM - CCMC collaboration: M. Kuznetsova
  • New Opportunities: Earth-Moon-Mars Radiation Exposure Model: N. Schwadron
  • New Opportunities: Flux Emergence Modeling: G. Fisher
  • Next generation coronal active region model: P. Macneice

Discussion: New Models and Opportunities

  • WSA at the CCMC: N. Arge
  • MAS and CORHEL at the CCMC: P Riley et al
  • ENLIL at the CCMC: D. Odstrcil
  • Heliospheric Tomography Model at the CCMC: P. Hick
  • SWMF at the CCMC and plans for the future: G.Toth
  • Inner Magnetosphere Models at the CCMC: N. Buzulukova
  • USU Data Assimilation Models: B. Schunk
  • SAMI2 at the CCMC and plans for the future: J. Huba
  • AbbyNormal at the CCMC: V. Eccles

Discussion: Role of CCMC in Community Modeling: What should it be?

  • Incoherent Scatter Radars: a brief history: R. Robinson

Wednesday PM 11/07/2007

Operations Needs. Metrics and V&V.

  • NOAA SWPC needs: T. Onsager
  • AFWA Metrics and V&V Needs: M. Sattler
  • AFSPC needs: S. Quigley
  • Accuracy of Ionospheric Models (AIM) at Mid-latitudes: V. Eccles
  • CCMC Operations support, metrics and V&V report: M. Kuznetsova

Discussion: CCMC support of Operations: Next Steps?

Thursday AM 11/08/2007

Data Infrastructure

  • CCMC and Virtual Observatories: A. Roberts
  • Demo 1
    Demo 2
  • CCMC data standards: M. Maddox
  • Magnetogram synthesis - An application of the CCMC data standardization approach: P. Macneice
  • Simple Data Format - A Platform-independent binary data format that works in Fortran, C and IDL: G. Fisher


Summary of Workshop Results

General Discussion: New Directions


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