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3D CME kinematics and topology

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3D CME Kinematics and Topology Working Team

Team Leads: David Barnes (RAL Space, UK), Christian Möstl (Uni Graz, Austria), Barbara J. Thompson (NASA GSFC, USA)
Draft list of initial participants: D. Biesecker (NOAA/SWPC), R. Colaninno (NRL), R. Y. Kwon (GMU), Heather Mei (Tufts U./GSFC), Marilena Mierla (ROB), A. Reinard (CU/CIRES/SWPC), N. Savani (UMBC/GSFC), M. Temmer (UNIGraz), Matthew West (ROB), A. Vourlidas (APL), M. L. Mays (CCMC), A. Taktakishvili (CCMC), M. Kuznetsova(CCMC), K. Muglach (CCMC) Note: we are still accepting team members, contact the organizers to join the group
Communications: (mailing list)

User Needs
Our end users are primarily modelers who use 3D CME measurement inputs to drive models to determine the propagation of CMEs throughout the heliosphere, and forecast the impacts (such as CMEs, Bz prediction, and SEP generation) at different locations. We also include as our user community those who are interested in comparative studies of CME structure and propagation in the inner heliosphere.

The team has determined that a key user need is the ability to assess how accurate a CME measurement is, so that they can constrain the error in their comparative studies or their model boundary conditions. Improvement in CME measurement accuracy is important, but what is also needed is a more clear understanding of the limitations of the accuracy.

Working Team Goals
The team will focus on analysis methods, models, multi-viewpoint reconstruction and EUV proxies for determining the 3D CME input to heliospheric simulations. This will include a comparative study of the different methods and different users, to understand how much variation there can be in a measurement of a CME.

The team is in the process of identifying a series of CMEs that have been or will be measured by multiple users, in order to undertake a study of the differences between the results and start to identify the sources of measurement accuracy.

See the agenda and materials from the ESWW14 topical discussion meeting (2017): Advance Predictions of Solar Wind Conditions at L1: Quantifying Performance

Working Team summary from the International CCMC-LWS Working Meeting: Assessing Space Weather Understanding and Applications held April 3-7 2017: 3D CME Kinematics Working Team Summary

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