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Radiation Effects for Aviation

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Radiation Effects for Aviation Working Group

Team Leads: K. Tobiska, M. Meier (email team leads/forum organizers to be added to the team)
Participants: Yaireska Collado-Vega* · Erwin De Donder · Natalia Ganushkina* · Manolis K. Georgoulis* · Tim Guild · Alex Hands · Piers Jiggens* · Adam Kellerman* · Daniel MatthiƤ* · Matthias Meier* · Paul O'Brien* · Athanasios Papaioannou · W. Kent Tobiska* · Brian Walsh · KiChang Yoon · Yihua Zheng* ·
Steven Brown* · Janessa Buhler* · Consuelo Cid · Yuki Kubo · Masha Kuznetsova* · Kangjin Lee · Chigomezyo Ngwira* · Naoto Nishizuka · Alexis Rouillard · Howard Singer* · Chunming Wang* · Katherine Winters* ·

Communications: (mailing list)

Google drive: documents for radiation and plasma effects teams

User Needs
How can we specify risk in a way that is easy for the public to understand? Are there new indices, such as the D-index, that could be implemented? What are the most useful features to show in dose rate graphics? Are global and/or baseline effective dose maps useful for air traffic management?

Working Team Goals
How can we compare science models and data with common metrics?

Working Team Deliverables
We would find utility in having GCR solar minimum, moderate, and maximum spectral baselines, at least through Z=26 (iron). SEP spectral baselines for at least protons and alphas during moderate, large, and worst case events are desired. Cutoff rigidity, Rc, baseline maps for multiple levels of geomagnetic activity can be considered. Best practices to quantify and report error sources in data sets are important.

Physical Quantities and Metrics for Model Validation
The reporting of radiation data and the details of factors for their calculation should be considered. This includes Q, absorbed dose in Si, ambient dose equivalent, and effective dose.

Available Data Sources
Observations, impact information
TEPC, Liulin, Raysure, ARMAS, bubble detectors

Participating Models
CARI-7, NAIRAS, and PANDOCA at the minimum.

List of Time Intervals in this Study

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