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Ionosphere Plasma Density

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Ionosphere Plasma Density Working Team

NmF2/foF2, hmF2, TEC

Team Leads: I. Tsagouri* (Primary lead, NOA), M. Angling (U. of Birmingham), K. Garcia-Sage* (CCMC) (email team leads to be added to the team)

Participants and Followers: List of participants and followers (as of November 2, 2017)
Communications: (mailing list)

Latest News
Summary of foF2 working team discussions on Sep. 14th, 2017
Summary of ionosphere working team discussions at April 2017 working meeting
Presentations and Discussions from the 2017 working meeting

User Needs
The Earth’s ionosphere poses an interesting challenge for the reliable performance of a variety of technological systems, either as an essential part of the system in practice (e.g., in the HF communications), or as a source of nuisance (e.g., in satellite communication and navigation systems). This makes the accurate modeling of the 3-D electron density in special temporal and spatial scales a critical requirement for the design and operation of the systems.

    ♦ Types of products: long-term predictions, nowcasts and short-term predictions (forecasts)
    ♦ Spatial scales: local, regional, global
    ♦ Challenges:
      Location, onset, magnitude and duration of ionospheric disturbances in 3-D electron density distribution
      Timeliness and accuracy of the predictions/forecasts

Working Team Goals

Strategic goals

    ♦ Discussion and better understanding of the users' needs for different spatial and temporal scales
    ♦ Establish a set of community agreed metrics that address specific user needs
    ♦ Evaluate existing ionospheric modeling capabilities based on the selected metrics and provide a benchmark against which future models can be assessed
    ♦ Bring together existing and new community initiatives, organization of working meetings and tag ups and coordination of international efforts to facilitate progress.

Secondary goals

    ♦ Provide online tools to facilitate models' assessment within the international community (in collaboration with the Information Architecture for Interactive Archives (IAIA) working team).

Working Team Deliverables

Physical Quantities and Metrics for Model-Data Comparison

    ♦ foF2/NmF2, MUF
    ♦ hmF2
    ♦ vertical TEC (local)
      - Quiet time ionospheric variation in different temporal and spatial scales
      - Ionospheric storm effects (large scale)

Available Data Sources

    ♦ Ionosondes, Incoherent Scatter Radars (ISRs), GNSS receivers, and Radio occultation data

Participating Models
Please contact the team leads for additional model suggestions

Preliminary considerations on the selection of the time intervals

Resources and Past Progress
Time series plotting tool
Presentations/Publications from previous assessments of NmF2/hmF2/TEC
Runs for metric studies performed at the CCMC
CEDAR-ETI and GEM Challenge Events (draft)
GEM-CEDAR Challenge Events (draft)

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