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IMF Bz at L1

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IMF Bz at L1 Working Team

Leads: N. Savani, P. Riley

Communications: (mailing list)
Participants: Eric Adamson · Nick Arge · Michael Balikhin* · Francois-Xavier Bocquet · Sean Bruinsma* · Yaireska Collado-Vega* · Pedro Corona-Romero* · Curt de Koning* · Manolis K. Georgoulis* · Edmund Henley · Bernard Jackson* · Lan Jian · Christina Kay · Noé Lugaz · Anthony Mannucci* · Periasamy K Manoharan* · Slava Merkin* · Marilena Mierla · Joseph Minow* · Christian Moestl · Karin Muglach* · Chigomezyo Ngwira* · Teresa Nieves · Nariaki Nitta · Dusan Odstrcil* · Mathew Owens · Spiros Patsourakos · Pete Riley · Alexis Rouillard · Neel Savani* · Camilla Scolini · Daikou Shiota · Howard Singer* · Robert Steenburgh* · Manuela Temmer · Christine Verbeke* · Angelos Vourlidas · Bob Weigel · Daniel Welling* · Alexandra Wold* · Yongliang Zhang* · Jie Zhang
Anastasios Anastasiadis · Steven Brown* · Craig DeForest* · David Falconer · Natalia Ganushkina* · Adam Kellerman* · Burcu Kosar* · Alexander Kosovichev* · Masha Kuznetsova* · Ramon Lopez · Peter MacNeice* · Daniel Matthiä* · Naoto Nishizuka · PAUL OBRIEN* · Evangelos Paouris · Athanasios Papaioannou · Steve Petrinec* · Nikolai Pogorelov* · Ian Richardson* · David Sibeck · Karlheinz Trattner* · Rodney Viereck · Brian Walsh · Chunming Wang* · KiChang Yoon · Yihua Zheng*

*attending CCMC-LWS working meeting

See the agenda and materials from the ESWW14 topical discussion meeting (2017): Advance Predictions of Solar Wind Conditions at L1: Quantifying Performance

ICCMC-LWS Workshop updates
➡ April 2017 working meeting: team agenda | solar/heliosphere agenda | full agenda

Following on from the original draft document that went out to the community, we will be discussing each of the 6 topics at the workshop. At the first session on Wednesday (04/05), we will be looking to find areas of agreement and complexities to resolves. We test a novel approach to the discussion by attempting live and interactive updates of the conversation by the community. The document is open to everyone, and contributions are solicited to the entire community. Wednesday’s live updates can be found here:

In addition to the live updating of the Wednesday session. The follow up session on Thursday will predominately attempt to focus on the future strategy and the pathways to impact and operations. Thursday’s live updates can be found here:

If anyone has ideas they wish to convey, please feel free to upload them here, and convey a summary via email to the team leads so that these points can be entered onto the floor of discussion:

Working Team Goals
To create a community-agreed selection of events and metrics, that all current and future models should test their magnetic field forecasting capabilities.
In this topic the community will focus on forecasting the magnetic structure of interplanetary CMEs and the ambient solar wind upstream of Earth. This group intends to open communication with the community in order to agree upon a standardised process by which all current and future models can be compared under an unbiased test. Current models will provide the initial set of forecasting skills, with the longer term goal of providing a standardised test procedure which future model improvements can follow. This procedure is intended to provide concrete requirements to progress a scientific model along the Application Readiness Levels (ARLs) and into an operational setting. The conversation and scientific rationale behind all decisions will be recorded in order to facilitate future ARL procedures.

Solicitation for Community Opinions
We invite the wider community to participate and provide further insight that would benefit the final determination of evaluation criteria especially in those areas that remain outstanding. All new ideas are welcome, as well as additional suggestions on current evaluation themes.

A small team of model developers and end users (SWPC and UKMO) were selected to ‘seed’ an initial direction for further discussion by the wider community. Please find the our initial finding here.

Current list of models incorporated in our discussion:
Data driven
1. Bz4Cast model (N. Savani)
2. Helicity-CME (H-CME) model (Patsourakos, Georgoulis)
3. A. Rouillard model

Numerical simulation
4. SUSANOO (D. Shiota)
5. EUHFORIA (S. Poedts – under development)

Recommendation algos
6. ProjectZed model (P. Riley)

Working Team Deliverables

Physical Quantities and Metrics for Model Validation

Observation Data

List of Time Intervals in this Study

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