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Forum participant roles and responsibilities

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Roles and Responsibilities of forum participants: team members, leads, followers
International Forum for Space Weather Capabilities Assessment

Working team member responsibilities:
  • Actively contribute towards working team goals. Examples:
    Provide/obtain data, information on impacts, communicate user needs, formulate skills scores/metrics, perform simulations, provide support with databases and metadata, bring expertise, ideas, share experience, etc.
  • Support and provide feedback to leads in meeting deliverable/implementing a work plan

Working team lead responsibilities:

In general, the lead organizes the team’s work and ensures that the primary goals of the team are met. Some sample responsibilities could be:

  • General responsibilities
    • Invite additional participants (model developers, data providers, users of space weather products and services - see above), that would like to actively contribute to team goals
    • Responsble for deliverables for the working team
    • Lead/monitor progress of the working team in meeting its goals/deliverables (coordinate team communication and activities, assign action items, etc.)
    • Coordinate communication with other working teams especially the Data Access Working Team, which is responsible for providing support on the generation of the meta-data needed for the validation effort

  • In preparation to working meeting/workshop:
    • Define a list of deliverables prior to the workshop
    • Develop a Work plan on meeting the deliverable
    • Finalize a schedule/format of the working meeting for their specific session

  • During the working meeting:
    • Organize and chair discussion sessions
    • Present updates on progress/deliverable to the broader forum participants

  • After the working meeting:
    • Refine a list of deliverable and work plan for the next 6-12 months based on inputs/feedback from the participants
Forum followers:
  • Interested in following the forum/team(s) but not ready for an active role?
    Subscribe to be a FOLLOWER. You will receive periodic working team updates (from all subscribed to teams) via the mailing list.
CCMC Role:

The CCMC together with the international community (International CCMC) facilitates this forum by:

  • Developing interactive web interfaces, display and analysis tools, maintain archives.
  • Supporting the implementation of SPASE Metadata Model XML Schema. Any format from modelers will be accepted and converted to the appropriate format by the CCMC team/partners.
  • Organizing working meetings
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