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Frequently Asked Questions
International Forum for Space Weather Capabilities Assessment

What is the International Forum for Space Weather Capabilities Assessment?
This international community-wide forum brings together space environment experts, model and application developers, data providers, forecasters and end-users of space weather products and services to

  • establish internationally recognized metrics and benchmarks that are meaningful and informative to end-users, developers, and decision makers;
  • evaluate the current state of space environment models, applications and forecasting techniques;
  • facilitate communications, understanding and partnerships between forecasters and researchers;
  • address challenges in data-model comparison, including data quality and availability, uncertainties and sensitivities to external drivers, internal parameters and assumptions;
  • identify a path for evaluation and accelerated incorporation of scientific ideas with potential to improve forecasting into space weather applications;
  • quantify and track progress over time and communicate it to end-users and the community;
  • facilitate further progress.

What are the goals of the International Forum for Space Weather Capabilities Assessment?
Click here to learn more about the goals.

What is the "International CCMC-LWS Working Meeting: Assessing Space Weather Applications and Understanding"?
The working meeting is a venue for the working teams to discuss/define metrics and the first round of model evaluation results for their focused evaluation topic. Click here for more information about expected deliverables and attending the working meeting.

How is this activity related to LWS?
The expected outcomes of the working meeting include developing metrics for the objective assessment of long-term model improvements to aid in tracking the progress of the LWS program toward its goals.

What is a focused evaluation topic?
Defining appropriate metrics and performing assessments focused on specific aspects of space weather modeling capabilities. These topics are grouped into categories depending on their primary goals or relevance:

Topics focused on problems in selecting metrics and assessing progress in the field of space weather, e.g.

  • Quantifying progress in closing gaps in science understanding,
  • Tracking progress from idea to application,
  • Defining metrics that quantify advancements achieved by including new physics into models.
  • Assessing accessibility and utilization of available observational data and their readiness to be used as model inputs and/or for model evaluation
Topics focused on specific space environmental parameter, impact or physical process, e.g.,
  • Assessing the ability to reproduce underlying physical processes and phenomena that are key for advancement of physical understanding and further improvement of space weather modeling capabilities (most relevant to model developers and researchers).
  • Assessing the ability to model specific space environmental parameters directly linked to specific space weather applications and/or impacts (most relevant to forecasters and end-users).
  • Assessing the operation/application readiness of advances in research (e.g., model or idea) related to specific applications.
Evaluations based on historic time intervals is a key component of almost all evaluation topics. Utilizing the same set of time intervals (a set of diverse space weather events) is essential for sensitivity analysis and for testing effects of new features, new physics, or new data sources incorporated into a model. Such an event-based evaluation (performed by CCMC in partnership with the GEM community) was used for the operational geospace model selection by NOAA SWPC. Results of the 1 round of event-based evaluations can be used as benchmarks for tracking progress over time. Some focused evaluation topics include real-time/pre-event scoreboards. Scoreboards provide the opportunity for unbiased forecast evaluation and demonstrate the operational potential of participating models/techniques. Focused Evaluation Topics are linked to the LWS Strategic Science Areas. Click here for the list of focused evaluation topics.

What is a working team?
Working teams are formed for each focused evaluation topic as the main organizing mechanism for Forum activities. Active participation of working team members is critical for the success of the initiative (read more about participant responsibilities).

What are the expected working team and working meeting deliverables?
Click here to learn more about the deliverables.

What are the roles and responsibilities of team members?
Click here to learn more about the roles and responsibilities of team leads and participants.

How can I join or lead a working team?
Anyone who is willing to actively participate is welcome to sign up. To join or possibly co-lead a working team please contact the team leads and fill out this form. Their contact information can be found on their team page, accessible from the list of focused evaluation topics/working teams. If the working team does not have a lead please contact the CCMC faciliator for that domain (contact information can be found here).

What do the "CCMC facilitators" do?
The CCMC facilitators help team leads achieve their goals and help with communication across all working teams.

What is a Challenge?
Evaluations based on historic events are frequently referred to as Modeling Challenges. Forum activities build upon successes and lessons learned from the past community-wide metrics and validation campaigns and facilitate on-going projects and focus groups (e.g., GEM-CEDAR-SHINE Modeling Challenges and Forecasting Methods Scoreboards supported by the CCMC and international partners).

What is a Scoreboard?
Forecast evaluation based on pre-event predictions and real-time model performance. See the bottom of this page for a list of current scoreboard activities.

How can I follow team discussions on the web or find team mailing lists?
See: Directory of Team Mailing Lists and Slack Channels.

Why are only some working team participants listed on the team page?
Currently the list of the team pages show those who indicated "high" or "medium" participation interest in that team. Eventually the list on the working team page will indicate active participants such that their contributions include co-authorship on resulting papers. This list will evolve over time. If you believe someone is missing please contact the team lead.

How can I access the working team results?
All information related to forum activities (including a catalog of metrics, observation data, simulation results, and other) will be available through publicly available reports, on-line interactive analysis, web-services and downloads.

Who do I contact with general questions?
For questions about a specific working team, please contact the team leads or CCMC facilitator (contact information can be found here). For other questions please contact Masha Kuznetsova and Leila Mays

What is a follower?
If you do not have time to actively participate in a working team but are interested in the forum in general you can "follow" us. You will receive periodic working team updates (from all teams) via the mailing list. Fill out this form or email to be added/removed from this mailing list.

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