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The main category of in the CCMC visualization is called PlotMode. Data can be displayed in different ways such as scalar mountain, contours or vector arrows, and multiple physical quantities can be displayed in a layered plot. Here are the PlotModes:

  • Line Plot: Up to three variables (Q1,Q2,Q3, purged of duplicates) can be plotted along any straight line through the 4-D (3-D spatial, time) domain from the start point [X1,Y1,Z1, Date/Time1] and the end point [X2,Y2,Z2, Date/Time2] . The time range is selected near the top of the form and the spatial coordinates are selected in the choose plot area section of the form.
  • Contour: the slice is shown as a 2D plot with contours (lines with constant levels of quantity Q1).
  • ColorContour: the slice is shown as a 2D plot with contours (lines with constant levels of quantity Q1). This type of plot is like a keogram in ionospheric observations.
  • Color+Contour: Combination of ColorContour and plain Contour (Q1 and Q3 are used and can be any choice of quantity).
  • Trajectory Scalar: The first variable selected is rendered as color on the trajectory plotted into the 3D box (subset of model simulation box) that encloses the trajectory (line rom start point to end point).
1D Timeseries Plot

Fig. 1: 1D Timeseries plot: Name of variable Q1 shown at top of Y-axis (optional variables Q2, Q3 shown in separate Y-axes on right side).

2D Keogram-Type Plot

Fig. 2: 2D Timeseries plot: Spatial positions X,Y,Z are shown along the specified spatial line (Y-axis) and over time (X-axis). The variable plotted with its minimum and maximum is shown to the right.

1D Timeseries Plot

Fig. 3: 3D Trajectory plot: Variable Q1 rendered in color along trajectory. Name of variable and range of values shown at the color bar.

General options for all PlotModes

(subsections: ASCII output options, Options that modify appearance of plots or Plot options for 2D ionosphere )

Note: "X", "Y", "Z" stand here not only for the Cartesian coordinates but also for the names of the first, second, and third coordinates of any model grid (e. g., radius "r", longitude "lon", and latitude "lat" for a spherical grid).

Selection of plot area

These fields are only present for the interface accessing three-dimensional data (see options for two-dimensional data below).

ASCII output options:

Raw data may be returned to the user by checking and selecting the following options:

Options that modify appearance of plots:

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