About The Project

Science Goals and Objectives

The Sun's atmosphere and solar wind play a critical role in space weather. Understanding of the global state of the inner heliosphere to 1 AU underlies LWS Strategic Science Areas, especially 'Physics-based Solar Energetic Particle Forecasting Capability'.
We will develop a magnetic data driven global model to simulate the time-dependent state of the inner heliosphere - from the top of chromosphere to 1 AU. The model will use AWSoM-R global MHD model developed at the University of Michigan (see I.V. Sokolov et al. arXiv:1609.04379 (2016)) which has already achieved the faster than real time performance.
This effort will lead to improved predictions of the solar wind in the heliosphere and at 1 AU, which is vital for CIR and CME simulations. The background wind is vital for CME propagation travel time. Magnetic field vector data driving will significantly improve the accuracy of predictions of the magnetic connectivity of active regions to the Earth, which is vital for the SEP predictions.
The time-dependent coronal modeling will include such effects as quasi-periodic streamer blowouts and the accumulation and expelling of the magnetic helicity. The latter study requires vector magnetic field data to be incorporated into the model.